Why Pune?

  • It is a significant hub for automotive, manufacturing as well as IT sector.
  • It is a part of Smart Cities Mission, which is further adding impetus to the development of the city into a truly world-class location.
  • The city’s proximity to India’s financial capital is one of the many advantages of setting up a warehousing unit.
  • It is located close to India’s largest container shipping port, NhavaSheva operated by the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and is well connected to major national highways for Pan-India distribution.
  • The city also has three inland container depots, which facilitate the import-export of goods and raw material.
  • The climate for industrial development in Pune has been favourable, due to the developmental thrust from the state government in the form of incentives, availability of land and improvement of core infrastructure.
  • The city boasts many world-class manufacturing facilities that cater to both domestic and export market requirements and this has also contributed to putting it on the global map.